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  • You can search by country, area of study/degree or by institution.

Before you start researching options:

· Check to see which countries and partner universities have scholarships and grants available.

· See our website for information about important factors to consider when choosing a host university.

· Register in the Global Exchange CareerHub workflow for information on eligibility, how to apply and when you can go.

Tips for using the UTS Exchange Partner Database:

· After selecting a subject area/country and clicking “Search”, you can see a listing of all options underneath the map.

· You can either open individual partner profiles by clicking on the institution names listed under the map, or you can click on the “Relations” tab above the map to browse all profiles on one page.

· Students with free electives can search by country or by “Electives”, or by another subject areas of interest (eg. “Business”, “Communications”, etc).

· Students with restricted electives will need to search by the subject area to which they are restricted (for example, a student using their International Business submajor will need to search for the subject area “business”).

· Students with direct equivalents will need to search by the relevant subject area and will need to pay close attention to the session individual subjects are offered at the partner institution.

· If “Electives” is the only subject area listed, this indicates the partner doesn’t have enough subjects available in any one area to make up a full-time study load and this partner is therefore recommended only for students with free electives.

· If “International Studies” is the only subject area listed, the partner university is only open to students participating on In Country Studies as part of the UTS International Studies course. Students applying for Global Exchange cannot list these institutions in their application.

· All students are advised to pay close attention to the Restrictions section of each profile, including checking if a partner is closed.