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The Global Short Programs team is excited to be offering 30+ Virtual Global Short Programs in 15+ countries for Summer 2020-2021. These virtual programs allow UTS students to access international professional and personal development opportunities from the comfort of their own home with the possibility of receiving academic credit towards their studies at UTS.

This database contains all virtual experiences available for the upcoming Summer session (November 2020 - February 2021). You will also find the previous experiences that were supported during the Winter (July) session. Previous Winter experiences are provided for reference only and will be updated in March 2021.

Important tips for using the database

1. To find a Virtual program search for 'Virtual' in the free text search bar. Alternatively, you can find a relevant program by filtering for either Summer or Winter programs in the Session drop-down menu.

2. Scroll down to find your search results.

Eligibility criteria

When applying for UTS approved Global Short Programs, you must ensure you meet all eligibility criteria for your preferred program. These include up to 3 types of eligibility criteria:

1. General eligibility criteria to participate in UTS Global Short Programs

2. Additional host partner eligibility criteria that may be required for specific programs
(refer to your the eligibility criteria in your preferred program profiles in this database)

3. Additional eligibility criteria for different types of financial assistance

Please note that some programs offer specific scholarships that have additional scholarship eligibility criteria. You must read these carefully. If your preferred overseas program is only open to students who meet specific scholarship eligibility criteria and you do not meet the scholarship eligibility criteria, do not apply for the listed program

For further information or to report any errors: GlobalShortPrograms@uts.edu.au


By submitting your application for a Global Short Program, including virtual programs, you acknowledge that you have read and considered the full details of the program including time zone differences, the dates of the program, the costs of completing the experience and the requirements of receiving support from UTS.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided in this database. However, the information provided is a summary of partner program content and you must visit partner program websites for the full program details before submitting any applications to participate in a UTS Global Short Program. Partner information may be subject to change at short notice without notification to UTS.

We do not accept responsibility or liability where students have failed to read full program information on the partner/program website before submitting an application. UTS Global Short Programs does not take responsibility for cancellation of programs or any associated costs relating to program cancellations or withdrawals.

Applying for and completing your chosen program is the responsibility of the student. UTS Global Short Programs is not liable for an unsuccessful application or incomplete experience.